Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting Started - Cisco console cable

Before you can do anything with the router, we first need to get access to it.

Console cable is a cable which has an RJ45 connector at one end (to connect to your Cisco devices) and serial connector at the other end (to connect to your PC).). If you, like me, bought a used router you mostly probably have this cable, and even tough its easy to buy one online: i.e.ebay, they are cheap and you should have no problem with it.

Right now Im looking for "instant gratification" so because I dont have the patience to wait  I decide to build my own cable. Looking around the Internet I found lots of information but most of then arent as easy to understand as I was expecting. Many sites have some complex contraptions: crossover cables, adapters, adpters for adapters, etc. I was looking for something simple: One cable, RJ45 in one end and a DB9 on the other.

So, here my set of instructions about how to build one.

First we start with the parts:
  • Cat5E cable (mine have 6ft.);
  • 1 RJ45 Connector;
  • 1 DB9 Connector;
  • Crimp tool;
  • Soldering Iron.

Lets start crimping the RJ45 connector. I personally use  TIA/EIA 568A wiring diagram to all my cables, so I will continue doing so:

With one side of the cable done lets start the DB9 connection. The following diagram shows how each cable, by color, should be connected:

Cat5DB9 Pin

The Blue/White and Blue must both connect to pin 5 on the DB9. Pins 1 and 9 are not connected.

Once the cable its done, here's how you connect the cable:

Thats it for now.

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