Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting Started - Reseting router to factory default settings

Hello everyone,

First piece of advice: "It doesn't matter if your hardware is either old or new, always do a reset to default factory settings."

It is amazing how often people forget about that and start setting up on top of someone's else config. Not really a big deal for routers, switches, etc; But imagine if we were talking about a pre-install computer, bought used, and that computer have a keystroke capture software??? Thats my point.

In my case, m router came with a password, that I didn't have, and I end up having to first reset the password and then resetting the router. I promise talk about resetting password next post.

This are the steps to reset a cisco router to factory default settings:

In order to perform the procedures described in this document, you must have "enable" (also known as "privileged EXEC") access on the router. At the prompt (HOSTNAME>) type: enable. This should change the prompt to (HOSTNAME#). This is the privileged EXEC mode.

This method uses the config-register 0x2102 command in global configuration mode.

  1. Check the configuration register on the router by issuing the show version command.
    The configuration register setting is displayed in the last line of the show version command output and should be set to 0x2102. If this is not the case, enter the config-register 0x2102 command once in global configuration mode.

    router#configure terminal
    router(config)#config-register 0x2102
    If the show version command is issued again, the same line in the command output will have '(will be 0x2102 at next reload)' appended to the current register setting.
  2. Erase the current start-up configuration on the router with the write erase command.
  3. Reload the router with the reload command. When prompted to save the configuration, DO NOT save.

    System configuration has been modified. Save? [yes/no]: n
    Proceed with reload? [confirm]
    Once the router reloads, the System Configuration Dialog appears.

    --- System Configuration Dialog ---
    Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/no]:
    The router is now reset to the original factory defaults.
If you decide to keep going and run the initial configuration setup, dont forget to send a "write memory" (without quotes) at the end of the proces, in the privilege EXEC mode (HOSTNAME#). If you dont and your router shutdown, next time you bootup you are going to do it all the setup again.

Thats all for now.